Saint Gregory on the Holy Fathers

Let us flee from those who reject patristic interpretations and attempt by themselves to deduce the complete opposite. While pretending to concern themselves with the literal sense of the passage, they reject its godly meaning. We should run away from them more than we would from a snake, for when a snake bites it kills the body temporarily, separating it from the immortal soul, but when these evil men get their teeth into a soul, they separate it from God, which is eternal death for that soul. Let us escape as far as we can from such people, and take refuge with those who teach piety and salvation in accordance with the traditions of the Fathers.

— Saint Gregory Palamas, Homily 34

Saint John on How a Husband Should Treat His Wife

But one’s partner for life, the mother of one’s children, the source of one’s every joy, should never be fettered with fear and threats, but with love and patience. What kind of marriage can there be when the wife is afraid of her husband? What sort of satisfaction could a husband himself have, if he lives with his wife as if she is a slave, and not a woman by her own free will?

— Saint John Chrysostom, On Marriage and Family Life

Saint Cyril on Separating the Sheep from the Goats

Does not the wool show the sheep, and the hairy and rough skin the goat? In like manner, if thou hast been just now cleansed from thy sins, thy deeds shall be henceforth as pure wool; and thy robe shall remain unstained, and thou shall ever say, I have put off my coat, how shall I put it on? By thy vesture shall thou be known for a sheep. But if thou be found hairy, like Esau, who was rough with hair, and wicked in mind, who for food lost his birthright and sold his privilege, thou shall be one of those on the left hand.

— Saint Cyril of Alexandria, Lecture 15:25

Saint Seraphim on Worthiness for Holy Communion

Had we filled the ocean with our tears, even then we should not have been able to satisfy the Lord for what He gives us freely, nourishing us with His most pure Flesh and Blood, which wash, cleanse, vivify, and raise us up. And so, draw near without a doubt, and do not be troubled; only believe that this is the true Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, which has been given to heal all our sins.

— St Seraphim of Sarov, An Extrodinary Peace

Saint Isaac on Beginning Spiritual Activity

If you wish to make a right beginning in your spiritual activity, first prepare yourself for the temptations that will befall you. For the devil has the habit of visiting with terrible temptations those whom he sees starting a righteous life with ardent faith.

— Saint Isaac of Syria, 6th century, Directions on Spiritual Training

Saint Nikolai on Regeneration in Christ

Just as the bleak forest clothes itself into greenery and flower from the breath of spring, so does every man, regardless of how arid and darkened by sin, become fresh and youthful from the nearness of Christ. For the nearness of Christ is as the nearness of some lifegiving and fragrant balsam which restores health, increases life, gives fragrance to the soul, to the thoughts and to the words of man.

— Saint Nikolai, Prologue

Saint Maximos on Marriage and Celibacy

Or, again, the disciples learned that the mysteries of marriage and celibacy stand equally next to the Word, insofar as marriage did not impede Moses from becoming a lover of the divine glory, whereas Elijah remained completely free of any marital bond, for the Word of God proclaims that he mystically adopts as His sons those who live in either of these ways through reason and in accordance with the divinely established laws concerning them.

— Saint Maximos the Confessor, Ambiguum 10